Brittany is an extremely well behaved, cooperative child; however Mom and dad were a bit frustrated with her frequent whining. About 2 weeks into the class, mom shared that Brittany had said to her, “Mom. Have you noticed I’m not whining anymore?” Mom replied, “Well Brittany, yes I have noticed it! Why do you think that is?” Brittany said, “I don’t know! I just stopped doing it!” I asked mom what she had been doing differently. She said she had been reacting less to all the little things. Instead of getting into arguments over tasks, she had taken the attitude of, “How will we work this out” or “How can we handle this situation?” She found that a calm discussion with her daughter brought a great deal more willingness for her to do what was expected of her. Dad backed mom up in the situations he had the opportunity to address as well. Mom had also been spending more quiet time with Brittany, praying and teaching her the power of positive thinking self-talk. Mom overheard Brittany in her room one morning before a test at school, telling herself all the positive messages they had been discussing. Mom felt so good inside that she was able to influence her daughter in such a special way. Terrific job, mom & Dad! Keep up the great work!

Janine and David Kidd, Thousand Oaks

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