A mom contacted me last week for help:

"Hi! I have a 3.5 year old that is very challenging. He makes everything complicated from getting in the car to walking in the parking lot. Time out doesn't work with him. He refuses. I've taken away toys but that doesn't seem to work either. He gets upset in the moment of me taking it away but goes right back to doing whatever he's not supposed to be doing. He recently started spitting when he doesn't get his way or scream very loud and out of control when someone tries to correct him or tell him not to do something. I don't know what else to do."

Me: Sounds so frustrating! I can definitely help you with those sorts of issues. My Teleclass with Coaching is the best way to go. You listen to the recorded class and then each week we talk and I can give you specifics suggestions.Would you like me to put you on my email list and send you more information?

Mom:  Yes that would be great. I don’t know if I can afford that program right now but I did purchase your power struggle program and watched it today.

Me: Great! Let me know how it goes!


Me: How are things going with your son? Do you have any questions? - Debbie

Mom: "Thanks for checking. I have been using some of the power struggle techniques and that has definitely made a difference. I will continue to use what I have learned from your videos. Being able to watch and see examples helped me tremendously... I’ve read a few parenting books but they did nothing like your power struggle video."

Yay! Great Success Story! And for just $10, you and the parents you work with can have these tools too!

Please share this success story with any parents that may need help with their kids. Thank you!

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