Sometimes my daughter Briana could be quite shy and timid when she was young.  In this video I describe one of the ways I taught her to be more confident.  I can say that now she is 28, she turned out to be quite confident! No longer a shy child, she got a BFA in Fiber Arts, did 2 years in the Peace Corps in Morocco, worked 2 years as an apprentice on farms in Massachusetts and Kentucky, graduated from Massage School, and is now married with baby on the way.  I’m glad she decided to take risks in her life and try new things.  It is a testament to her spirit and her determination to not let uncertainty of self-doubt stop her from achieving her dreams.  I feel so fortunate the she choose me to be her mom, it’s been an honor!  Please enjoy this video, and like/share/comment/give it a thumbs up if you wouldn’t mind.

Happy Parenting!



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