What if you had a parenting tool that gave you ideas for how you can positively and peacefully respond to your child’s misbehavior?

I listened to the Dial a Discipline MP3’s and already started implementing some techniques last night. WOW – what a difference it made in my three year old. All of a sudden I had a child that not only did what was asked of her (brush your teeth, say goodnight to dad, etc.), but enjoyed doing it and was positive! - Nicole Maritz

Are you Kids Driving your crazy? Are you tired of yelling at them? Do you just want them to listen and behave so that you don’t have to spank or ground anymore?

I have created a tool to help you get started on the path to becoming a peaceful, sane, effective parent!

For over 20 years I have taught thousands of parents how to handle power struggles, annoying behavior, hurtful behavior and whining. I have created a tool to help you understand WHY your child does these behaviors and HOW you can correct their misbehavior WHILE AT THE SAME TIME building their self-esteem.

This tool is called "Dial-A-Discipline". It's a hand-held wheel that you keep in your purse or on your refrigerator. When you purchase the wheel, you will also immediately receive a link to the instructions on MP3. I recorded one hour of information about why kids misbehave, and how to correct the 4 different types of misbehavior. You listen to the MP3, and then, when your Wheel comes to you in the mail, usually in 2-5 days, YOU WILL ALREADY BE PRACTICING NEW IDEAS AND GETTING RESULTS, GUARANTEED!

Dial-A-Discipline helps you figure out the best response when your kids misbehave. With Dial-A-Discipline you have immediate access to quick answers to your parenting challenges.

Dial-A-Discipline will help you know how to respond when your child doesn't listen, defies you, is hurtful or hateful, or whines and complains.

Do you find yourself saying...

“Just a minute” or “Don’t interrupt”
“How many times do I have to tell you to…”
“You do it right now!”
“Don’t talk back to me”
“Stop Whining!”

If you find yourself saying any of these things, The Wheel will help! The Dial-A Discipline wheel comes with one hour of audio instruction.

As soon as you order, you will immediately be mailed a link to the audio instructions.


Dial-A-Discipline is now available with 60 minutes of audio instruction from Deb!

Dial-A-Discipline has been created to help you figure out the best response when your kids misbehave.

With Dial-A-Discipline you have immediate access to quick answers to your parenting challenges. Special Offer Now - 50% Off.
Buy it Today!

You will learn:

  • Why your kids are acting up
  • How to identify the reason they are misbehaving
  • A systematic approach to discipline when your kids need it
  • Understanding the different types of misbehavior and specific ideas to correct each one.

If your child interrupts you while you are listening, you will have a tool to correct that misbehavior!

If you tell your child to do a task while you are listening to the MP3, and they don’t do it, you will have several ideas for how to respond to get them to do what they are supposed to do.

If your child complains, says hurtful things, or hits his sister, you will have ideas for how to respond!

If your child whines and says, “I can’t!” you will know what to do!

AND, it's GUARANTEED! I guarantee that if you listen to the audio, you will immediately have several ideas you can use the very next time your child misbehaves. You will also find you will get results, that is you will see your child respond to your discipline more positively. If you do not get results (then your probably didn't read or try to use these ideas!), you can ask for a refund within 30 days and I will happily return your $$ to you, no questions asked!

I created this wheel so that you will have ideas readily available to you when you get in a situation with your child where you previously may have yelled, spanked, lost your temper, or just let them get away with it. Instead, you will be armed with dozens of ideas that will get your kids to behave and make you feel like a GREAT parent. You will develop more and more confidence in your discipline, and see the results when your child learns to be more responsible and respectful. Parents that use Dial-A-Discipline often tell me that just seeing it hanging on the refrigerator reminds them of the ideas when they need them. You can have this great tool NOW.