Just received this SUCCESS STORY BELOW from a mom who is using my Power Struggles Video Class:

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Candy · an hour ago ·

I have just finished all the way through the "8 Ways To Get Out of a Power Struggle". I have also been using the Dial-A-Discipline. One bit of information that really worked was the Broken Record. I used it with my two year old to get her to sit down and stop distracting others during church. I have also realized that getting attention is mostly where all of her misbehavior comes from. So I used the 4 steps to redirect attention. I didn't look at her or talk to her, summoned her to me with a hand signal, and began to give loving touch. That worked extremely well to calm her so I could start to train. Then when she wanted to get up to distract people, I determined that I would say, "Eden will learn to sit down," and then give her a kiss on the cheek and plop her gently down. When she started to get up, I would just repeat the same thing. Then I started to count. I thought, "Here we go," I was getting ready for 30 or 40 repetitions. It only took about 4 or 5 times. Mind you, I was doing this right in the middle of a small group that wanted the environment to be really quiet. I was simply whispering in her ear each time so I didn't even distract the group while disciplining. My husband has usually had to take over by talking out loud in a threatening way and disturbing the group, or one of us has had to take her completely out of the room. So these new techniques were great alternatives and improvements. When I left to nurse the baby, I gave Eden to my husband to sit on his lap. Then when I came back to the group, I gave someone else the baby and came right over to sit down on the seat that I had been training her to sit down on, and she put her head on my lap. Wow! My husband had been getting ready to take over like he usually does, but he could tell that what I was doing was working so he just left the situation alone and let me use these techniques. So glad I found these teachings.

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