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Try any one of my mini-workshops to get started! Positive Parenting is a lifestyle. My full parenting workshop covers all aspects of your child's growth and development (not to mention your own). I'm offering these recordings of live workshops along with handouts designed to tackle specific issues and give you real-world examples of Positive Parenting. I assure you that after listening to one of these classes and putting in a little effort to follow the instruction you will see the results you are looking for.

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MP3: Take the Hassles out of Homework

In this workshop I teach you the most helpful ways for you to get your child to do her homework without damaging your relationship with her.

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Product Details

This is an audio (MP3) recording of a live workshop. There are 3 tracks for a total of 83 minutes and a .PDF of the handout mentioned in the workshop.

Also included is 11 ways to successfully motivate your child to do home work. I also show you a new way to respond when your child brings home their report card.

This is a great workshop if you are looking for solutions to any of the following questions...

  • Are you having homework struggles every day?
  • Are you worried about your child’s study habits?
  • Do you want your child to take responsibility for his school work so you don’t have to?
  • What about that report card?

Track One (8 minutes)

11 Keys for Successful Homework
Why would a child have 5 hours of homework a night? What can you do about it?
Your experience of homework and how that relates to your kids
At 6 minutes there is a 2 minutes visualization. I suggest you listen to this portion of the MP3 when you are in a quiet place so that you can fully experience the exercise.

Track Two (54 minutes)

Participants share their experience
Suggestions on how to use your experience for the benefit of your children
What are the key factors for success during the elementary years? During the middle school years? In High School?
What can you do to create a hunger to learn in your children?
How can you help a failing child?
A mom in the workshop shares an example of the success of these ideas.
What statements do you make that can accidentally hurt your child regarding their schoolwork?
What statements can fix that and help motivate them in a way that works?
How to manage the pressure on children?
Key questions to ask your children to make them successful at their schoolwork?
What type of environment is best for creating a homework routine?
What are the questions you need to ask to make your children have the best learning environment for the learning style?
What are the questions you need to ask to really help them?
When should you seek outside help?
What was the best parenting advice an educational consultant gave me regarding my child’s sleep and schoolwork?
How do you balance helping vs. enabling them to be irresponsible? What criteria can you use to determine when to let go and when to get involved? It’s EASY!
A fun idea if your kids get all stressed out.
Help your child figure out how they can be successful.

Track Three (22 minutes)

Setting limits on your availability to teach them responsibility.
What is my job and what is the teacher’s job regarding homework? You will be surprised at how easy your job as the parent is to be the most helpful to your child.
Learn ideas to not do too much for your kids.
Learn several ideas to help get kids through the homework when they get overwhelmed.
Learn several ways to understand what your children are trying to communicate when they are whining, giving up or fighting you about their homework.
How do your children’s roles in the family affect their success on school?