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Try any one of my mini-workshops to get started! Positive Parenting is a lifestyle. My full parenting workshop covers all aspects of your child's growth and development (not to mention your own). I'm offering these recordings of live workshops along with handouts designed to tackle specific issues and give you real-world examples of Positive Parenting. I assure you that after listening to one of these classes and putting in a little effort to follow the instruction you will see the results you are looking for.

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MP3: Are Your Kids Driving You Crazy?

In this workshop you will learn 10 things to do differently when your kids are driving you crazy. We use the most common scenarios causing parents to be at their wits end to learn new ways to respond effectively rather than react emotionally.

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Product Details

This is a 112 minute audio (MP3) recording of a live workshop with a .PDF copy of the handout mentioned in this workshop.

Track One is 15 minutes and you will learn:

  • What kids do that Drives Us Crazy…
  • What parents say…
  • When do they drive us more crazy?
  • What impacts our level of frustration?
  • What is the reason that our kids misbehave?
  • Look at a different view of their misbehavior that will empower you as a parent to discipline much more effectively.
  • #1 Most Important Idea so that your kids won’t drive you crazy.

Track Two is 37 minutes and includes the following:

  • The Key to maintaining your sanity
  • Ideas to manage your parenting stress (refer to workshop handout 1)
  • How do your kids really learn self-control?
  • 10 Ways to teach your kids to control themselves (refer to workshop handout 1)
  • Includes really fun idea for fixing aggressive behavior in children.
  • And another idea if you have a screamer
  • Another idea for not feeling crazy when you are rushed
  • Defining the difference between out of control and self-expression
  • How to not break their spirits while correcting their annoying behavior
  • What about whining?
  • A different version of time out, one that works!
  • What’s the difference between discipline and punishment?
  • How do kids learn best?
  • What damages our relationship with our children?

Track Three is 39 minutes and includes the following:

  • How can you have a better morning, homework, or evening routine?
  • What about when kids bickering drives you crazy? Here is one important idea.
  • What about when 2 parents parent differently?
  • What happens with the kid’s behavior when you start working against each other?
  • This is the best idea to get back on a parenting team.
  • How important is your relationship with your spouse for being a good parent?
  • How you can pick your battles, this is an easy application!
  • Looking for patterns to prevent escalating behaviors.
  • Learn what to do when your child is “being a bad sport”.
  • What you can do when a kid won’t do what you ask them to.
  • What undermines your parental authority?
  • What about counting to three?

Track Four is 22 minutes and includes the following:

  • I will demonstrate a great way to get the kids to quiet down!
  • Why is it that they ignore you when you tell them not to do something?
  • I will teach you the amazing way to get them to do what they are supposed to do!
  • “Pick up your toys… Eat you dinner… Get Ready for Bed” How you make the request makes the difference… What makes them want to comply? I’ll show you.
  • How you can adjust your parenting style so you don’t go crazy- a dad in the workshop volunteers to fall off his bike and hurt himself to help
  • Debbie show participants the effects of 3 different parenting styles.
  • I’ll give you a fantastic way to teach a child to think.
  • Learn hands on tools to not react emotionally to your child’s bad behavior. This is an easy skill to learn that you can do anytime and anywhere.