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Try any one of my mini-workshops to get started! Positive Parenting is a lifestyle. My full parenting workshop covers all aspects of your child's growth and development (not to mention your own). I'm offering these recordings of live workshops along with handouts designed to tackle specific issues and give you real-world examples of Positive Parenting. I assure you that after listening to one of these classes and putting in a little effort to follow the instruction you will see the results you are looking for.

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MP3: Enhancing Self-Esteem

Discipline without harm.

Learn 9 ways to discipline your child while still building self-esteem. 

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Product Details

This workshop is 4 tracks for a total of 125 minutes. There are 2 pdf handouts included with this workshop.

You will get an email immediately with the link to the MP3 files you can listen to or download.

Track One is 30 minutes and you will learn:

Making a peaceful home while you build your children’s self-esteem.
Learn the 2 key components of self-esteem in your child.
Learn how to put you back in the position of authority if your kids seem to be running the house.
Which developmental stages are important to our child’s self-esteem.
What do you do when a child lies?
What is normal at each age and stage, toddler to teenager?
How does the media influence your child’s behavior?
What about ADHD and self-esteem?
How does developmentally appropriate behavior become a learned misbehavior? How can you fix learned misbehavior?
What is the key to unconditional love while the kids are misbehaving?
How do they rebel in the toddler years and teens years and how do we mange those struggles without breaking their spirits?

Track Two is 34 minutes and you will learn:

What do you do if your child wants a cookie right before dinner? A demonstration.
How does changing your mind undermine your parental authority?
How I trained my kids to give me respect.
BEST tool for managing the situation when your child is pressuring you.
What happens when you say it more than once? How can you get them to behave and ONLY say it once? I’ll show you.
What are the only 3 “good” parenting practices for children under 2?
Using GEMS (Genuine Encounter Moments) to build self-esteem.
How your child may be misinterpreting your parenting to mean they are not loved, not good enough, or not important? How you can make sure they know they are loved and important – AN EYE-OPENING demonstration.
Learn the KEY to teach your child to have a healthy-self concept and how you may be undermining their self-concept without knowing it.
What are your 3 options to redirect your child when they interrupt you, or bug you repeatedly?
Learn the magic way to train your child to be patient while you finish your work.
How you learn to trust your parental intuition.
Deb gives an example of a way mom used GEMS to create a relationship transformation with a teenager.
(You can use this idea with your spouse too!)
Learn how to teach your kids to repair mistakes in a way that build their self-esteem.

Track Three is 41 minutes and you will learn:

More teaching kids about mistakes
What damages their self-esteem related to your child making mistakes?
What big mistake led me to my life’s work?
What about kids with ADHD or that behaves like a child with ADHD?
Why don’t your kids listen when you tell them “Don’t do that!”?
How does saying “Don’t do that” set your child up to fail.
Learn 16 examples of how to re-phrase your words to make them behave better and build self-esteem.
How do parents who parent differently get on the same parenting team? This is especially helpful when the parents are working against each other.
What is more important, your relationship or your parenting skills?
How do 3 parenting styles, kind, form and kind and firm, impact your child’s self-esteem? What works for each child?
Figure out which battles to pick – A tip from a master.
See the impact of praise and encouragement on self-esteem of you children.
How might praise diminish self-esteem? I will give you several examples of the importance of how we praise to build their self-esteem.
What makes your communication build them up to believe in themselves and how much they can do?

Track Four is 21 minutes and you will learn:

How do we unknowingly set our kids up to be externally motivated rather than motivated from within.
How can you light up your child (build their esteem).
Get to experience an exercise in unconditional love.
I explain where my parental power is located and I can maximize it.
Learning how to build on what works in parenting.
What happens when they do something that causes me to react emotionally? What are my alternative choices to keep my parental authority and influence.
A beautiful way to build their self-esteem.