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MP3: Dealing With Power Struggles

Learn why kids love to power struggle, how to get out of a power struggle when you're in the middle of one, and ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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Product Details

This is a recording of a live workshop.

You will immediately be emailed a ling to the MP3 recording that you can play or download.

There are 3 tracks for a total of 103 minutes. There are three pdf handouts included with this workshop.

Track One is 27 minutes and you will learn:

  • What power struggles look like (like you don’t know)
  • Who gets into power struggles?
  • Learn why kids misbehave.
  • Learn how to identify a power struggle in the moment and before is escalates.
  • Learn why repeating yourself undermines your parental response.
  • Where this philosophy originated, a systematic approach
  • Learn the key to correct misbehavior effectively.
  • Learn the 4 reasons kids misbehave and how to identify each in the moment.
  • Why your discipline doesn’t work, and even utterly fails sometimes.
  • Learn why you don’t need to understand why your kids are misbehaving to be effective in disciplining them.
  • What happens when you motivate your children through fear?
  • How you can get the child’s “thinking brain” involved in learning responsibility.
  • You will hear a demonstration of kids misbehaving and how to identify why.
  • Learn possible annoying behavior for a 3 year old.
  • What is the belief of a child that is power struggling with you?
  • Why does a child defy us?

Track Two is 18 minutes and you will learn:

  • Deb power struggles with a participant to show you why kids love to power struggles with us.
  • What is that smile on their face when their fighting with us?
  • Learn the first step to get out of a power struggle.
  • What is your child learning when we respond the old way vs. new way?
  • Learn how to immediately stop a verbal battle with your child.
  • When we don’t discipline effectively, learn what children will do (how they will escalate).
  • The importance of assessing your children every time they misbehave.
  • What is the developmental task of a 3 year old?
  • Learn the surprising age that a child learns to power struggle.
  • Learn how a parent causes a child to learn to power struggle and how you can un-cause it.

Track Three is 59 minutes and you will learn:

  • Your parenting style affects your child’s personality.
  • What is the best parenting style to deal with power struggles?
  • Should you be more strict or more lenient to be effective dealing with power struggles?
  • How can you lessen the power struggle during most of your child’s school years?
  • Should you compromise?
  • How you can get more cooperation from your kids?
  • How can you help your child achieve their developmental milestone regarding power struggles?
  • What happens between toddler and teenager regarding our attitude toward power struggles? Get a tool to move through sanely, effectively and quickly.
  • Learn how to get your child to take out the trash without an argument.
  • What is the effect of “crazy mom” on your parental authority?
  • Learn what to do instead of yelling.
  • Why is it bad for the kids to “run the show” and how can you turn that around?
  • How to motivate a child through love rather than fear – a step by step example.
  • Learn how to deepen your child’s integrity, or sense of right or wrong, which makes them more responsible.
  • What about when a child is being stubborn?
  • Why telling them more than once will undermine your parental authority.
  • Learn the best parenting advice regarding which battles to pick.
  • How to get more influence with your children and keep your relationship in tact.
  • I’ll show you how to make it so your child has nothing to fight against.
  • What is a child’s motivation when they are little? How do we unknowingly misuse or even damage their motivation.
  • Getting the kids to work as a team.
  • Learn several tools to get out of a power struggles when you are in one.
  • What do you do if your child is getting into things and when you tell him to stop he doesn’t listen to you.
  • Learn specific tips on how to make offering choices successful with every age and stage.
  • What if your child fights you about brushing teeth or getting in the car seat or something similar?
  • Learn the tools so that you aren’t miserable anymore?
  • Learn how you can talk less or not at all and be effective.
  • Learn the best prevention of all misbehavior, especially power struggles.