2-hour workshop

½ Day Rate

Full Day Rate

Series of 4 2-hour workshops

Teacher In Service Training
$250/hour (daytime only)

5-Week Redirecting Children’s Behavior Class (15 hours, 3hr classes)
$3500 plus $35/person book & workbook

7-week Positive Discipline for Preschoolers Class (14 hours, 2hr classes)
$3500 plus $35/person book & workbook

7-week Without Spanking or Spoiling Class (17.5 hours, 2.5hr classes)
$5000 plus $18/person for workbook

6-Week Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom (12 hours)
$3500 plus $28/person book & workbook

Travel is in addition to rates above. A discount is negotiable for multiple class/workshop bookings.

Booking Information

For Booking, Scheduling or Addition Information please call: 805-648-6846 or Email: