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Register now for a FREE 2 hour call, "No I Won't and You Can't Make Me!" - Effectively Dealing with Power Struggles.  The next call is Monday at 8:00am PST / 11:00am EST. Here is a copy of an email I received from a mom, Wendy, the day after she listened to a similar call and then signed up for the class and received her free bonus material (she gave me permission to share):

"I have four children ages 12, 10 & 13 months (times two). My 10 year old step son is usually super sweet and so helpful. He doesn't usually argue when he's asked to do something. Actually, normally, he does above and beyond what is asked of him. But lately, he has been really trying to get extra attention and engaging in many power struggles. He constantly wants to debate with me and he has been arguing about EVERYthing. It's so out of character for him, and I didn't want to deal with it in a harsh way because he is normally such a good kid. But I didn't want his new way of dealing with things to be unknowingly reinforced. (I miss the "real" him.)

I was so excited to get tools on how to deal with it. Yesterday, I used the sing song one word to remind him to clean his bowl. He did it immediately. When his sister asked him what he was doing and he said, "mom asked me to clean my bowl." But I only used one word! I also tried the smiling with no words and just gesturing towards something else I asked him to do. He knew right away what he was supposed to have done. He got up and went to do it within a few seconds.

I also tried the GEM with him. We have a pretty good relationship and I normally take time to take a few minutes to give him undivided attention. But he just really seems to need it lately. It was really nice. I was rewarded with cuddles and "you are the best mom" and "I love you more".

I am really excited to learn more parenting tools! I really don't feel good about my parenting skills when I have to raise my voice or ground them to get the children to cooperate. It makes me feel like I have failed. Last night, I felt like I won without a fight and I got to see my real son again. Thanks!!!"

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