Loving Guidance Helps Dinner Struggles!

Mom and dad have a challenge. Six year old Dasha doesn’t stay at the table until she’s done eating. After the class on loving guidance, Mom decided to try it. When Dasha got up during dinner, mom silently walked over, rubbed her back and smiled, glancing back towards the dinner table. Mom was surprised that it worked! Dasha came back willingly to the table, without Mom having to say a word! Mom and Dad noticed that she began to stay for longer periods of time at the table as well. Mom and Dad tried the same thing at bedtime. When Dasha started playing instead of getting ready for bed, they would rub her back and look her in the eye with a smile. As soon as she made eye contact with Mom or Dad, she would go willingly to her bed. Mom thinks a combination of things have improved Dasha’s behavior. Using prevention by giving her lots of attention and encouragement when she does what she is supposed to do, and not over reacting when she misbehaves have both worked well towards a calmer home. Great job Mom & Dad!

Donna and Jim, Ventura

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  1. Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families Says Reply

    I don’t teach my children to clean their plates when they are eating meals, I don’t want my kids to be obese when they are older. As a mom, I know that they will eat if they are hungry. I also don’t force my child to eat things they don’t like but I do encourage them to try it before they say they don’t like it.

    • Jai Says

      You shouldn’t put enough food on the plate that your child becomes obese. As a parent we need to control that. Sometimes kids don’t want to stop eating and will eat the whole lot. Instead put enough substantial food on the plate and if they are still hungry they need to learn to fill up on water and let their brains wait until the signal tells them they are full.

  2. GreenItalia Pizzeria Says Reply

    Mamá y papá tienen un reto. Seis años Dasha no se queda en la mesa hasta que haya acabado de comer. Después de la clase en la guía amorosa, mamá decidió probarlo. Cuando Dasha se levantó durante la cena, mamá silenciosamente se acercó, le frotó la espalda y sonrió, mirando de nuevo hacia la mesa de la cena.

  3. Al forno Pizzeria Dublin Says Reply

    When Dasha started playing instead of getting ready for bed, they would rub her back and look her in the eye with a smile.

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