This week I started a new class.  I've been teaching parenting classes for about 20 years, so you would think that after this many years and thousands of parents, I would get used to the pain that parents can be in when they arrive at my class (or talk with me on the phone).  But I don't get used to it.  It still touches my heart with huge compassion...I remember that pain!

Maybe it was the mom that is so discouraged with herself and her parenting. Before her child was born, she knew what she wanted.   She started out with such high hopes, reading all the parenting books, home births, holding her children close, family bed. What do YOU want at home in your family?  What would your "dream family" look like?

What happens over time that impacts you?  Emotionally, physically, spiritually?  What happens to the ideal when the kids are fighting, whining, not listening?  I see their tears, their hearts nearly broken for fear of what the future may bring if they don't figure out how to discipline without yelling or becoming "crazy mom".  Why do you no longer have the ideal?

Maybe it was the dad in class, loud, big energy, but he too, on the edge of tears that his son will feel scared and alienated like he did when he was a child.  He loves his son so much, and wants for him the love and bonding that he did not have, and yet he can see the fear in his little boys face when he reacts to his behavior. What will happen if this cycle doesn't change?

The great thing is...I can see the future for these parents!  For 20 years I have been teaching parents how to discipline without yelling or spanking, and how to build children's self-esteem while at the same time, correcting their behavior. Maybe just a simple tip of asking yourself how you can give your child more power when they are fighting with you.  Or maybe it's more complicated, like my demonstration of how to stop kids from fighting by bringing a peaceful presence to the fight and without any words, getting them to stop fighting. Or maybe it's something totally different, I listen carefully to each parent to find what is most needed right now to turn the downward spiral of negative parenting around.

I know without a doubt, that these parents will find children whose faces light up, kids that do what their asked the first time, kids that show more confidence, and finally a sense of closeness and connection with their children that may have been lost for a time.  I know, that by the end of their time with me, they will have completely changed the environment in their home.

So another journey begins, and I am so looking forward to sharing these parents' success stories with you over the next weeks.  Ideas for getting results, disciplining our kids without breaking their little spirits!  And if you want to start NOW and make lifelong changes with your own kids, give me a call at 805-648-6846 or send me an email at to set up an appointment to talk.  I can give you a free phone consultation and see if you would like to work with me to make your parenting much more rewarding and FUN, and make sure you are doing your personal best when it comes to disciplining your kids.

Have a great day and Happy Parenting!




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