A couple of years ago I was interviewed on the parenting program, “Happier Kids Now”. In this 75 minute interview, I give parents a look at spanking worldwide. I also cover the following topics, with examples, and even some fun interactive role plays with the host!


  • Why kids misbehave
  • One tool that turned ended my daily battles with my children
  • How to identify misbehavior
  • Why kids love to power struggle, the age they learn may surprise you, and how you can undo it
  • What to do when your child says you’re mean or “I hate you”
  • What to do when the whine and say, “I Can’t”
  • Answers to six different parents specific questions about their children’s misbehavior
Debbie Godfrey, certified Parent Educator, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss parenting and how things have changed over the years. In Debbie’s business, Positive Parenting, she’s seeing many more Dads attending her classes, which is a good thing! Debbie and Dr. Bunny also discuss corporal punishment, something that has made headlines in the news lately. Is …

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