-by Carol Welcher

During the developmental stage of 2-4 years of age, children are supposed to push boundaries, manipulate, and tease. This how they learn how much power and control they have in their world. It is not something bad that has to be stopped. Children are supposed to do it. It is not your job as a parent to stop the teasing and manipulating. It is your job -- the of handling annoying behavior in ways so that you stay detached and it allows that stage to come and go in its natural progression.

Staying detached means keeping your emotions in check. Avoid getting angry. Avoid getting frustrated. Avoid adding you emotions to your children’s. Kids have enough of their own emotions without parents adding theirs to the mix. Children need parents to remain calm, loving and firm. If you understand that the pushing and manipulation are a normal part of development, it will help you to stay detached. It’s how children learn.

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