The following 2 hour presentations are available from Positive Parenting for your school, club, church, group or organization

For Parents and Teachers

  • Balancing Work and Family - Learn how to nurture yourself and your family so that your family supports your work. Find the balance.
  • Balancing Love and Discipline - Introduces the concept of firm and kind, unconditional love and the value of more action and less talk.
  • Consequences that Work - Introduces the concepts of natural and logical consequences and how parents and teachers can effectively use them.
  • Creating Cooperative Families - Teach how to create a cooperative family or classroom atmosphere and what to do when there is a lack of cooperation.
  • Effective Parent-Child (Teacher-Child) Communication - Introduces the concepts of listening, Genuine Encounter Moments, handling feelings and conflict resolution.
  • Enhancing Children’s Self-Esteem - Demonstrates 10 methods of disciplining while instilling high self-esteem.
  • Getting in Step with Step-Parenting - Learn how to work cooperatively with your ex and peacefully blend step-families.
  • Handling Aggressive Children in the classroom, Birth through Six - Explore developmental and learned aspects of aggression and 15 actions you can take to correct this behavior.
  • Handling Sibling Rivalry - There is a difference between sibling rivalry and sibling conflict. Learn how to identify and correct each behavior.
  • How to Turn a Terrible Two into a Terrific Two - Learn to use developmental information and the mistaken goals of power and attention to make this difficult time wonderful.
  • “If you Don’t Stop Crying...” How to Handle Children’s Feelings - Learn the effects of feeling stoppers and feeling encouragers and how to work with children’s feelings in each developmental stage.
  • “No I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me!” Effectively Handling Power Struggles - Learn how to recognize and disengage from a power struggle and what to do to lessen them in the future.
  • That’s It, You’re Grounded: Parent-Teen Communication - How to effectively communicate with your teen, set clear boundaries, and understand what happened to your child!
  • Parenting as a Team - Discover the underlying causes of couple’s disagreements on parenting and learn how to create peaceful resolutions.
  • BACKTALK – 4 Steps to Ending Rude Behavior in Children – This workshop follows the popular book of the same name and works for parents of children of all ages.
  • Take the Hassles out of Homework - Lessen the power-struggle, teach responsibility and goal setting and learn ways to encourage and self motivate children.
  • Tame Those Tantrums - Learn the concept of how less power means more. Learn how to diagnosis tantrums and prevent them.
  • How To Bully-Proof your Children – This workshop covers 5 parenting skills to bully-proof children and 6 skills to prevent bullying behavior.

For General Audience

  • Teaching Children Self-Control - Within developmental guidelines, learn how it is the parents/teachers job to assist the child in learning how to control and appropriately express their feelings and desires.
  • Tell Them What To Do, Not What To Don’t - Create more cooperative, responsible children.
  • What To Do When Your Kids Drive You Crazy - Alternatives to nagging, yelling & threatening and how to model self-control.
  • Couples Communication - Enhance skills to create closeness, learn how to hear and be heard and have fun!
  • Creating Teamwork - Learn underlying concepts of teamwork and how to make it happen at home and at work.
  • Keeping Yourself Encouraged (And Spreading it Around) - Learn how to encourage yourself and those around you.
  • Resolving Conflicts - Learn the power of conflict resolution and negotiating to a win-win.

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