Before you had kids, did you have dreams about what kind of parent you would be?

Does the reality of how hard it is to keep calm and handle problems well get you down? Are you worried you're not as patient as you should be?

Or maybe, your friends all think you're the most peaceful, serene mom in the world, or a dad that is usually calm and logical... but privately, you "lose it" with you're kids and then feel guilty, ineffective and discouraged after.

Perhaps you thought you knew what kind of parent you were going to be, but now, when you hear your voice punishing your children, it sounds like your mother or father!

Do you wish you had a trusted adviser, a mentor, someone that you absolutely KNEW could help you and give you the perfect advice, idea or solution for your parenting problem?

And what if you had that wise adviser available to you when you really needed it? We have advisers for our finances, our businesses and our life, why do we shortchange our kids from the same sage wisdom? Wisdom that can make all the difference in the world between a peaceful family and a stressed out dysfunctional family?

I am here and I can help you. My name is Debbie Godfrey and I have 3 kids. Briana, 33, Michelle, 29 and Michael 27. I took my first parenting class when they were 6, 2 & 1 and it changed my life. After a year of practicing what I had learned, I started my business, Positive Parenting, teaching classes and workshops locally and around the world. I learned how to be an effective, calm, resourceful parent. That caused me to raise happy, healthy, interesting and self-sufficient kids.

Here's a story about what I did when my daughter, Michelle, wouldn't get dressed for school in the morning.

Is Parent Coaching the right solution for me?

If you answer "yes" to the following 4 questions, then coaching with me as your parenting adviser will transform your life and bring peace, cooperation and happiness to your home.

1. Are your kids the most important job in your life right now?

Sure you have to work, pay bills, have a social life, But you understand that you only get one shot at this, so you want to do the very best job of it that you possibly can.

2. Are you open to ideas that will get your kids to behave, without breaking their spirits?

If your child has done something wrong, I will tell you EXACTLY how you can handle the situation, what to say, how to say it and the body language and non-verbal signals you can use to get immediate results.

3. Are you willing to reach out for help when you need it?

I have found that many parents suffer because they are too afraid to reach out. Perhaps you are embarrassed, ashamed, polite (some parents don't call because they don't want to impose), or just think that you should know what to do. When you work with me, I EXPECT you to call me the moment you have a problem and I WELCOME your call and I am DELIGHTED that I can help you with your discipline situation with your child.

4. Are you willing to invest in what matters most in the world, your relationship with your children?

You don't want to have regrets, you don't want to wish you had done things differently. By giving yourself and your family the gift of coaching, you will be providing your children with the best gift they could ever have. You will become a guide, disciplinarian, loving parent and you will have this influence throughout their teens years. Without these parenting skills and tools, you can damage your relationship with your children and lose the ability to influence them in the very most important years of their lives. The tools I will teach you will allow you to make sure your kids are responsible, respectful, & caring people AND you will be the person they most respect in their lives.

Parent Coaching with Deb as your Parenting Adviser

Parent Coaching starts at $125/hour.
Multiple session discount available