Learn the primary way your parenting causes you to be ineffective, lose your child’s respect and have them tune you out

Also learn the #1 Parenting Tool that no parent should be without and that prevents all types of misbehavior in kids.

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Effectively Dealing With Power Struggles
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Positive Parenting Video Class , "No I Won't and You Can't Make Me!" - Effectively Dealing with Power Struggles.

In this fun and engaging video class you will learn:

  • What we do that has us be ineffective, lose our child’s respect and have them tune us out
  • 2 Questions to ask yourself in the midst of a power struggle that work like magic!
  • The cure for “parent deafness” in children!
  • Ways to develop self-motivation.
  • How to minimize the hassles, tantrums and tears.
  • An approach to feel calmer and have more joy in parenting.

Who can benefit from this teleclass:

  • Parents expecting or having children of any age, from toddlers to teens
  • Step-Parents, Grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitters
  • Teachers, Counselors, Nurses, Social Workers, or anyone who relates to children
  • Families can be a source of rejuvenation, fun and encouragement. If this is what you want, this course is for YOU!

The Video class is an introduction to the Positive Parenting teleclass series, a 44 lesson recorded audio class plus a live weekly call. Each class is limited to 25 participants to maximize your results. In addition to learning the curriculum, I will get to know you and you will get to know each other through your weekly calls. This is a recording of an interactive, intimate, comprehensive teleclass, not a canned class!

More than communication training, the Positive Parenting teleclass contains over 100 proven parenting methods for improving behavior while enhancing your child’s self-esteem.

44 lessons and over 20 hours of material plus LIVE weekly calls to answer your specific questions. All calls will be recorded so you can access them at anytime and listen to them over and over to really learn the concepts. This allows you to practice and master the concepts and techniques. Problems and successes are shared in a warm supportive environment.