Bedtime Battles Success

Newlywed’s Tim & Jan brought 5 year old Josh to class the first night, not realizing it was for parents only. He was pretty good the first 2 hours, but 3 hours is a long time! They had been having many power struggles and bedtime battles due to the changes and having a new step dad. A few nights after the first class, Jan was having a bedtime battles with Josh. She felt herself getting tense and angry. Just when the scene was going to escalate to something more ugly, Josh said, “Mom! You can’t do this; it isn’t what you’re supposed to do! This is the time you have to carry me in my room, lay me in bed, rub my back, read me a book and give me a GEM!” Mom melted and said, “You’re right.” She did as Josh said and he went willingly and happily to bed. A few nights later, Tim was covering bedtime routine (to prevent bedtime battles) for Jan because she was sick. Tim gave Josh a few friendly reminders about the time. Tim also gave him more power and responsibility. He explained to Josh that he was going to need to do his routine without help from mom. Step dad was prepared for the usual rebellion. To his surprise, Josh did everything he was supposed to do and went willingly to bed! No bedtime battles! Great job parents!

Tim and Jan, Camarillo

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