The Positive Parenting class with Debbie Godfrey was truly such an insightful and rewarding experience. With a 3-year-old boy, a 2-year-old girl, and another on the way, I wanted to make sure my parenting "toolbox" was full before embarking on this journey with three littles. I have a master's degree in early childhood education, so as a new parent, I was quite confident in my abilities. I soon learned that no matter how much I thought I knew, in a stressful moment with two toddlers, life is real, and tools are needed to redirect behavior.

The Positive Parenting techniques are empowering for parents and children, alike. I have learned how to be in control of my own behavior and my reactions towards my children. My children, in turn, are less anxious, feel more powerful, and are more genuinely connected to their parents. They are starting to articulate how they are feeling before engaging in conflicting behaviors with each other. They are more responsive to our requests of them, and they are eager to help around our home. But, most importantly, our home is much more peaceful, and we enjoy being together. I cannot recommend this class enough. I look forward to re-reading the material and continuing to practice these invaluable techniques as our family grows.

S. Cotton

Class Participant, Brooklyn, NY

Dynamic, informative and useful for parents as well as teachers.

Ann Halkovich

Great workshop. The speaker relates well to others.

Donna O'Donell

This is a wonderful, affordable resource for parents. Everyone should start to learn and use this information in the home when their kids are young.

Carla Gordillo

Very informative and useful information given.

Nellie Balderrama

I enjoyed it very much, inspiring.

Tana Johnson

The workshop was informative, useful and gave me the ability to look honestly at how I deal with my kids.

Brett Matzner

Very helpful, informative ideas to shed light on a stressful environment.

Cathy Dean

Karen GatchelIt was worth my time & money!

Karen Gatchel

I thought we covered a great deal in a short period of time. I know I’ve some away with a lot of good ideas. The workshop was really enjoyable, informative and fun.


The workshop was great – thanks!

Leslie McLeod

The workshop was great and informative.

John C. Tyler

[The workshop] was fast-paced and very interesting. It was presented so well, kept my attention every minute. Very valuable information, excellent presentation.

Billie Shelton

I listened to the Dial a Discipline MP3’s and already started implementing some techniques last night. WOW – what a difference it made in my three year old. All of a sudden I had a child that not only did what was asked of her (brush your teeth, say goodnight to dad, etc.), but enjoyed doing it and was positive!

Nicole Maritz

I got a lot of great ideas on how to be a more relaxed parent. I gained a deeper love and understanding of my children.

Elaine Torres

Terrific! Great information, useful ideas!

Linda Piper

Excellent. I would recommend this workshop to everyone.

John J. Tyler

You are very good at keeping your audiences’ attention.

Ed O'Shaughnessy